Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday. Curse thee.

  1. Woke up late today.
  2. Seriously considered getting busy with The Bean, but alas: no time (see line item #1).
  3. Began contemplating whether or not we could find time to have a little "busy time" later today... but no, The Bean has an evening class.... maybe tomorrow morning? No... I work out tomorrow morning.... and I have plans tomorrow evening - besides, The Bean has another night class..... Maybe Wednesday morning...?....
  4. Became seriously depressed at the thought that not only is my life so busy I have to "plan" something as fun and spontaneous as "busy time"... but I'm not even sure we do have time, even if we did plan it.
  5. Got in the shower, pouting.
  6. Couldn't find the razor to shave my legs, which mean I wouldn't be able to wear the business skirt I wanted to wear. Instead, I would have to wear my too-tight, too-high, kinda too-short in the legs "wow-I-look-like-a-mom" pants.
  7. Considered not shaving and just taking a chance nobody would actually look at my legs today.
  8. Looked down and saw the long, full forest of leg hair that currently adorns my leg undulate gently in the breeze.
  9. Decided to go with the pants.
  10. Stuffed myself into pants.
  11. Stared morosely in the mirror. Ugh. Fat.
  12. Drove to work.
  13. Stopped to get coffee--- Mmmm. Coffee. At least one thing went well, right?
  14. Received a phone call from The Bean letting me know I had forgotten half of the parts to my pump at home, which means pumping will take twice as long.
  15. Got to work.
  16. Put things down at desk.
  17. Immediately spilled 30 ounces of coffee all over my desk - watched in horror as 30 ounces became something like 425 bazillion ounces and covered everything in sight.
  18. Galumphed Ran nimbly and lightly to the breakroom to get paper towels.
  19. Spent 30 minutes cleaning. Congratulated myself that I managed to sop everything up without losing a single bit of electronics to the coffee madness.
  20. Tried to begin work.
  21. Realized that I did have one casualty - my keyboard, which once again decided it did not want to type the letter "t".
  22. Tried to fix keyboard.
  23. End result: A keyboard that ONLY types the letter T. T. Ttt. TtTtttT. Pages and pages of TttttTTTtttttttttttttttTTTtttttttttttttttTTTttttttttttt.
  24. Disconnected keyboard, opened laptop.
  25. Look at the time: 9:30am. Only seven more hours to go.
  26. Take a break, type up a post complaining about it, post it to blog.
  27. Look at time: 9:46am. Back to work.

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Blogger Veronica said...

I hope your day improved? If nothing else, I hope you got chocolate at lunchtime.

August 9, 2011 at 12:17 AM  
Blogger Dom said...

*pat pat* Sounds like a typical day for me :-/

August 9, 2011 at 10:55 AM  

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