Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Night's Sleep: An "Artist's" Rendition

Sometimes words aren't enough.

Sometimes, you need badly drawn pictures.


Last night, the Squidgelet would not sleep unless I had my hand on his head.

I'm sure this was very comforting to him.

I'm sure it made him very happy.

He certainly looked peaceful and happy.

In fact, it would have seemed very sweet to me that he wanted his mama so close.......if it wasn't such a horrifically uncomfortable position.

I tried waiting until he seemed completely and utterly asleep. In reality, it was probably only ten minutes, but it felt like two hours.

Actually, it felt more like three hours.

However long the wait was, it seemed interminable.

At long last I realized he appeared to be dead to the world and I might be able to roll over and get some sleep.

Rolling over and going to sleep felt really, really good.

Unfortunately, the Squidgelet appears to have a sensor in his body that can sense when I am happy and comfortable.

In fact, my comfort and his anger levels appear to be inversely proportional. The second I would begin to nod off, the Squidgelet would wake up and begin to howl in fury.

Back into my cramped, pretzel-like position I would go, my hand resting on the top of his head.

Immediately, the Squidgelet would drift back into a peaceful, happy sleep.

Eventually I managed to ignore the cramp in my shoulder and my aching back and drift off into an uneasy sleep.

This (of course) was the signal for the DragonMonkey to wake up.

Bleary-eyed and exhausted, I stumbled over to his room, hoping I would be able to pacify him with a bottle and a re-tucking into bed.

Instead, I found this:

(that says "projectile vomit")


There are many surprises in life that are delightful.

Discovering at two in the morning that your toddler is spraying vomit like a broken fire hydrant is not one of them.

For the sake of the readers with sensitive stomachs, I will not include poorly-drawn photos of the next thirty minutes of scrubbing, cleaning, bathing, and soothing.

Instead, I will fast forward to the moment I returned to my bed and slooooooowly crawled into bed between The Bean and the peacefully sleeping Squidgelet.

It felt like heaven.

I drifted off almost immediately, my body relaxing into a warm, healing sleep.

Jealous, anyone?



Anonymous Marylin said...

Max used to start crying as *soon* as I was going into a deep sleep.
Then one weekend when he was about 3 months I went to my mum's for some rest. He slept the whole time.
Turned out I was snoring as I was falling asleep and that's what was waking him! >_<
I can only laugh about it now that I'm finally getting decent sleep!
Hope the big bro is feeling better asap!

March 1, 2011 at 1:48 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Oh baby, I am totally jealous. Mine are both streaming snot today, but they did sleep through the night last night.

And really, is ANYTHING worse than projectile vomit?

Amy used to require her head being held to fall asleep too, I ended up working out how to lay so that we were both comfortable and then I discovered that she didn't need my hand, so much as something (anything) touching her head. One rolled blanket and voila.

I hope tonight is better.

March 1, 2011 at 2:15 PM  
Blogger Breathe said...

Time for daddy the heck up, honey chil'

Hang in there. Flying bodily fluids are enough to send mommy to the spa for a week

March 1, 2011 at 2:19 PM  
Blogger River said...

Oh dear. Hope everything is more peaceful there now.
Years ago, my brother would only fall asleep and stay asleep if my dad's hand was on his shoulder. After a week of this dad substituted a slipper and R didn't wake up all night. He actaully fell asleep every night with dad's hand, then slept all night for the next year with a slipper on his shoulder.

March 2, 2011 at 1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veronica: I have experienced one thing worse than projectile vomiting.......projectile poo!!! Yes when my second son was born every time (yes EVERY TIME, I so wish I was kidding) we changed his diaper, and only at night, when of course I was at my weakest and most vulnerable......he would projectile poo!!! I would take his diaper off and WHOOSH!!!!!!! I would then scream slap the diaper back up and he would stop. Standing there covered in poo and waiting for him to (hopefully) be finished....WHAM, SMOOSH!!!!! There is would come again. I swear he would time his "efforts" for precisely the moment when he felt air entering his diaper area!!

Yes Veronica there are worse things than projectile vomit!!!
And with that happy thought! Cheers,Lynn

March 2, 2011 at 3:40 PM  

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