Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I See Dumb People

For those of you that don't know, my wonderful hubby (The Bean) is a finance manager at a car dealership. The car industry being what it is in today's recession, he still sells a few cars on the side, mostly from repeat business. People like to buy their cars through him because he's straightforward, no-nonsense, and because he has biiiig soft brown eyes that inspire a lot of trust. In fact, this is pretty much what he looks like:

In addition to his deceptively-innocent eyes (love you, babe!), he's also a popular choice because he goes the extra mile for his customers.

Anyhow, onto the story: The other day, early in the morning, The Bean received a phone call from a very angry, very irate woman he had sold a car to the previous week. Apparently, she was stuck on the side of the freeway because the new (used) car she had just purchased from him was a LEMON.

Angry, irate woman: (rant,rant,rant,rant) and the car is now STUCK on the side of the road, because it has run out of COOLANT.

The Bean: What do you mean it has run out of coolant?

Irate Woman: There's no coolant, and I'm stuck on the side of the road in rush-hour traffic! This is ridiculous! You sold me a car with some sort of a leak!

The Bean: How do you know it has run out of coolant? Are you sure that's the problem?

Irate Woman: Because it says it right there on the gage! The coolant gage is on empty, THAT'S HOW!!!

The Bean (knowing full well there's no such thing as a coolant gage): Coolant gage? Are you sure it couldn't be the gas gage?


Irate Woman: I have to go. (CLICK)

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